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An interesting story about visiting Croatia

Going on a tour to a place of nature beauty is something most exciting for most of us looks forward to. In our lifetime, we had one of the amazing tourism experiences in Croatia, which is a famous Europe’s beach destination. This is comprised with a wealth of natural attractions and blessed with the most beautiful places in Croatia. It is a gem of place with a very interesting story behind it. When you want to experience Croatia tourism in Split, you should take a trip down to this place and try to relive its glorious historic towns.


The Croatia is a vast tourist place that has divided into six tourist regions such as Istria, Slavonia, Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Kvaerner and highlands and central Croatia. These places are fully comprised with beaches, tall mountains and overlooking islands in the sea. However, these are amazing places to visit in Croatia which gives a wonderful tourism experience for all travellers. When we were in Croatia, we have visited a few cities in the country. At that time in Split, we enjoyed a lot with full of joy, fun and happiness with all our family members. Actually, it was a very big trip in our lifetime and planned a trip of over 30 members in our family.

Charter in Split

Most exciting experience in Sisak

Once planned a trip to Croatia, we approach the Croatia’s guide to find the top ten destinations in Croatia. They help us to book our tickets online and also guides for the top things to do in Croatia. As per our schedule, we spent every day in different location and enjoyed a lot by sightseeing places. One of the amazing places in Croatia is Sisak, a largest river port in central Croatia located at the confluence of three rivers namely the Kupa, Odra and Sava rivers. We had a nice opportunity to see a centre of river shipping industry during our journey.

Split in Croatia

The Sisak is most famous for the Croatian metallurgic factory and the largest oil refinery. These are combined with the petrochemical facilities in the nearby town of Kutina. Every year, many business people came to this city for various business purposes and stay for a week or more until their work gets complete. We have also visited the largest factory and oil refinery by standing in front of them but there was no permission to enter and visit inside the factory. Sisak is really easily rechable if you charter yacht from Croatia. But it was really nice experience to see a big petroleum factory in our lifetime. The business people from all around the world often visit this factory due to their business needs in Split.


In Split region, we also spent a few days in the islands. In the yacht charter fleet in Croatia, they offer a rental of sailing boats, catamarans, motor boats and yachts to the tourists. We also bought a rental yachts to visit the beautiful beaches and enjoyed a lot with family members and co-tourists. In yacht charter, they also offer free professional consultation and organizing of our vacation in the friendly manner. Thus, it was a memorable experience in our life.

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Creative tourism experiences in Croatia

The Croatia is a beautiful country and one of the most popular tourism destinations in the Europe. It attracts tourists from all over the world and offers a unique tourism experience to enjoy for their lifetime. If you plan to visit Croatia for your holidays, first you should choose the perfect destination in this beautiful Mediterranean country. During the vacation, i have chosen the Croatia for our family to visit. This beautiful destination was offered different experiences and also the best accommodation possibilities at the same time.

When you arrange a trip, your choice of destination depends on the type of vacation. The Croatia is a small country but its regions are so versatile. This makes you trouble for deciding to choose the destination that you would like. When we were to Croatia, we have approach a guide in Croatia to plan a vacation in the different location. So, you don’t spend your all days in the party zone rather you seek help from a guide and make a plan to visit the different places in Croatia that would be perfect for you. Even the Croatia is completely filled with the best possible possibilities like apartments, hotels, rooms, restaurants and also yachts for sale.

If you are looking for a really exclusive experience of Croatia, you should buy a yacht, catamaran and motor boats for rental. The yacht charters are helpful for visiting the beautiful beaches in all over Croatia so you can enjoy a lot in all these destinations. Before arrived Croatia, we have booked the descent apartments for our family because the accommodation is most important. There are several renting accommodations available in Croatia that are private property owners and the houses located near by the sea. Even they offer better options to find a various number of people and the apartments in private houses  may vary from standard to luxury ones.

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Exclusive experience in Slavonski Brod

In Croatia, we had an amazing experience in slavonski brod, which is one of the cities located in eastern Croatia. It is the centre of Brod-Posavina country and it has a river port on the Sava River. We were spending 5 days and 6 nights in that place and stayed at hotel garten. The rooms were fantastic, very clean and providing hot water all days. Even the beds were so comfy and had meals in the restaurant every day. The breakfast and dinner was very excellent because they offer great and fantastic choice of options to choose a variety of dishes.

My opinion about the slavonski brod is pleasant place to visit and quiet clean hotels to accommodate. The rooms were able to accommodate with a whole family members comfortably. The staffs are friendly mannered and very eager to please with the customers. We enjoyed a lot in that place and tasted a traditional Croatian meal with local wine in the restaurants. Finally, the whole trip of Croatia has provided a lifetime experience to us so let you visit the scenic beauty of that place and get a great pleasure in your life.

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Yacht charter in Croatia is the best holiday experience I have ever had!

Take a yacht, set sails and feel the freedom!

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We have visited a blue beauty cave in Bisevo that looks very blue in the noon light. We admired a lot about its fantastic light under the rocks shining into the cave. We caught a smaller boat for entry to the cave and they have charged 40 Kuna to get into the cave,...

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The hotels are present near to the sea and so we enjoyed our time in the view of the sea side. Further, we played in the beach side with our little ones. At that time, one little kid went in the sea unexpectedly. With the help of experienced professionals, we rescue...

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Krvavica zu kurz!

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Die Geschwindigkeit eines Segelbootes hängt offen von der Wind, also musste ich etwas extra die vorherrschenden Winde rein jener Region zu decodieren. Faktisch hatte ich nichts zusätzlich die bevorstehende Segeltour zu aufhören, sonst wäre es keine Überraschung sein....

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